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Guidelines for Installing Plugins in WordPress

Before going into installation of plugins in WordPress, it is first important to understand the significance of plugins and their functionality. A plugin could be best described as a software package that on being added to WordPress enhances its functionality by providing new features that were hitherto unavailable. In order to ensure compatibility of plugins with WordPress, PHP is the programming language which is used and it facilitates seamless integration without the user being aware of any part of coding.

‘There’s a plugin for that’ – This popular tagline often quoted by WordPress users came into being owing to the versatile nature of plugins wherein all it takes is successful installation to have a plethora of features at your disposal. What renders these even more attractive is the fact that most of them are readily available free of charge and can be easily accessed. Installation is also straightforward provided you are aware of the modus operandi which is enumerated as follows –

Firstly you would need to identify the plugin with which you intend to fortify your WordPress and download it into your computer.

Next you would need to log into your WordPress account and navigate till you reach the admin page.

On this page, go through the menu occupying the left flank of the screen till you come to ‘Plugins’ and click.

From the short drop-down menu that appears, select ‘Add New’. The dialogue box that opens would ask you to select a file, which you will have to retrieve from your plugin archive.

Click on ‘Install’ and the plugin is duly installed within a few minutes.

Likewise, to remove a plugin, you will need to follow the same procedure and simply click on ‘Uninstall’. A word of caution pertaining to this simple procedure is that not all WordPress plugins are as simple to install and the onus is on you as the user to go through the installation procedure of the plugin and then decide whether to acquire it.