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Tutorials on creating Your Website From Scratch using Wordpress

What renders installation of WordPress truly easy is the fact that the entire system comes free of charge, which implies that all you need to do is find a suitable source and learn how to install it on your computer. Assuming that you have finally made up your mind to use WordPress for building your own website, following are the steps that you must follow to install it successfully on your computer...

WordPress offers themes under its admin branch so this is the aspect that needs to be approached in order install its functionality. Following is the step by step procedure of acquiring Wordpress themes so as to be able to use them to your advantage ..

The domain name dropped sometime in 2014 and was subsequently picked up via website. It is now going to be used to be a website that teaches users to use wordpress effectively, with step by step tutorials on how to set it up and customize it for individual blogger's needs.

"There's a plugin for that" - This popular tagline often quoted by WordPress users came into being owing to the versatile nature of plugins wherein all it takes is successful installation to have a plethora of features at your disposal. What renders these even more attractive is the fact that most of them are readily available free of charge and can be easily accessed. Installation is also straightforward provided you are aware of the modus operandi ..

Upgrading could be automatic or manual but prior to opting for a method, you must take a backup of your existing WordPress. Once that is done, following are the ways by which you can upgrade the platform...